Jennifer S. Williams, Esq

Principal Attorney

Jennifer Williams has been practicing law for nearly a decade with the majority of that time spent representing clients before the immigration courts and USCIS. With a background in world politics and a passion for human rights, she stays up to date on global issues and how they impact immigration right here in the United States.

She has represented hundreds of clients with a variety of cases before the Immigration Courts and on appeal to the BIA and Circuit Courts of Appeal. She has also assisted clients through the sometimes intimidating process of filing applications for their husbands, wives, children and fiances.

Jennifer is licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania and also before the United States Courts of Appeals for the Second and Third Circuit as well as the Western District of Pennsylvania. However, immigration is an area of law that does not restrict practices by state. Jennifer has traveled across the United States and to Canada to represent clients and help to achieve their immigration goals.

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